Chairman Profile

A local entrepreneur with active interests in property development, retail, luxury hospitality, logistics and mobile money transfer, Hamidu Hemed Mvungi is the founder and chairman of Orange Tanzania Limited. Cutting his teeth in business on his own, Mr. Hamidu Mvungi was fresh from school when he established himself as a sole proprietor, later started a company that deals with electronic devices resale, ventured in logistics, and later expanded into real estate development.

He spearheads the growth strategy of Orange Tanzania Limited, which has presence in Tanzania mainland, with a focus on developing a micro satellite city, prime real estate, hospitality and leisure assets. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Happy Mvungi Trading Company Limited and Mobitech Tanzania Limited, which unlocks value of mobile money transfer in Tanzania which links the telecommunication companies and the customers.

Mr. Hamidu Hemed Mvungi

Chairman Greetings

Orange Tanzania limited has entered the most exciting phase in the history of Tanzania. In 2013, when our country under the ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement introduced a new mission on new town development in Kigamboni. It was a resounding idea of confidence in our city, our leadership and our people.
Over the past 5 years, Orange Tanzania Limited has redefined the dynamics of property development, which will serve as a template for others across our country and East Africa. We have always believed in the vision of our Honorable President, the government and Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement, who reminds us that, “one cannot discover new oceans if you lack the courage to lose sight of the shore.”.

Our driving force, undoubtedly, has been the trust our shareholders have placed in us. So far they have stood by us as we shape the city with a new a developing town, cutting edges by developing a high quality properties.
Today across the world, business development models are being reshaped and economic and innovation cycle are shrinking, companies that do not respond to these changes risk being exposed to irrevocable risks that affect their long-term prospects.
We are sharpening our strategy to be one of the country’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired company. Our goal is to be unstoppable company that creates enormous value for our shareholders, stakeholders and the economy..

Hamidu Hemed Mvungi
Orange Tanzania Limited.